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No Recovery No Fee on your California Slip and Fall, Trip and Fall, or Premises Liability case.

You will not have to pay any money out of your pocket on your California slip and fall, trip and fall, or premises liability case unless we recover a settlement or judgment for you. You cannot beat that.




Why do you need a Lawyer to represent you on your California Slip and Fall, Trip and Fall, or Premises Liability Case?
Navigating through the legal system without a lawyer is like trying to perform a medical operation on yourself. It is not a good idea and never recommended. Slip and Fall, Trip and Fall, and Premises Liability cases are the most difficult personal injury cases to win in California. Without an attorney you are like a fish out of water.
No Medical Insurance is no Problem, we will get you to a doctor!
Obtaining immediate medical treatment for your injuries is often times, the difference between needless suffering, and a timely recovery from your injuries. Let us get refer you to a doctor who will treat you even if you do not have medical insurance!
Call 24 Hours Per Day!
You may call us 24 hours per day for your Trip and Fall, Slip and Fall, and Premises Liability case! We will tell you over the phone what we think about your case. If you are injured and cannot travel, we can come to you in most cases!

Don't be Stupid!
Insurance companies and business entities are in business to make money. If you honestly think they will get you medical treatment and compensate you for your California Personal Injury without an attorney, we have a golden bridge to sell you!

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Medical Treatment and Your Case.
The type and amount of medical treatment you receive is an indication of the seriousness of your injuries. The client who receives $500.00 worth of medical treatment will not, as a general rule, receive the same settlement as a client with $5,000.00 in medical treatment. Most insurance companies grade the seriousness of injuries as minimal, slight, moderate or severe. A minimal injury is one in which the client has $1,000.00 or less in medical treatment to cure the injury. A slightly injured client has over $1,000.00 to $3,000.00 in medical treatment. A client with medical treatment expenses over $3,000.00 to $5,000.00 is moderately injured. Medical expenses in excess of $5,000.00 shows severe injury. Use the following rules as a guide to your medical treatment.

  • Follow the Doctors Advice
    You should accept the type and amount of medical treatment the doctor recommends. Some types of treatment may appear not to help at first. Often the doctor may change the type of treatment for better results. Keep in mind your doctor has been chosen for the doctor's competence in treating your injuries. Any question as to whether you should continue medical treatment should be directed to the doctor.

  • Do not Understate Your Complaints
    Each time you see your doctor tell the doctor: 1. The location of your pain; 2. The amount of pain (slight, moderate or severe); 3. What you can not do (disability); and, 4. What you do to relieve the pain. Do not tell the doctor you "feel fine" if you have pain. The doctor cannot help you if you do not tell the doctor your complaints. Do not expect the insurance company to pay for your pain if you say you "feel fine."

  • Do something About your Pain
    The insurance company has a very simple rule. The rule is "If it is important enough for you to see a doctor for your complaint, is important enough for you to be compensated for the complaint." In other words, the failure to treat with a medical doctor (according to the insurance companies) means that you must not be that hurt! If you are in pain you must appear to be trying to get well (mitigating damages). That means going to the doctor for help. If the doctor releases you from therapy and you are still in pain return to the doctor. You know how you feel better than anyone else. Return to the doctor as soon as possible if you are still having pain. If you wait a year to return back to the doctor, it will appear to the insurance companies that you "must have a new injury," or you are trying to embellish your injuries. Use your common sense, if you are hurting from your injuries, see your doctor!

Loss of Wages or Income.

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