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No Recovery No Fee on your California Slip and Fall, Trip and Fall, or Premises Liability case.

You will not have to pay any money out of your pocket on your California slip and fall, trip and fall, or premises liability case unless we recover a settlement or judgment for you. You cannot beat that.




Why do you need a Lawyer to represent you on your California Slip and Fall, Trip and Fall, or Premises Liability Case?
Navigating through the legal system without a lawyer is like trying to perform a medical operation on yourself. It is not a good idea and never recommended. Slip and Fall, Trip and Fall, and Premises Liability cases are the most difficult personal injury cases to win in California. Without an attorney you are like a fish out of water.
No Medical Insurance is no Problem, we will get you to a doctor!
Obtaining immediate medical treatment for your injuries is often times, the difference between needless suffering, and a timely recovery from your injuries. Let us get refer you to a doctor who will treat you even if you do not have medical insurance!
Call 24 Hours Per Day!
You may call us 24 hours per day for your Trip and Fall, Slip and Fall, and Premises Liability case! We will tell you over the phone what we think about your case. If you are injured and cannot travel, we can come to you in most cases!

Don't be Stupid!
Insurance companies and business entities are in business to make money. If you honestly think they will get you medical treatment and compensate you for your California Personal Injury without an attorney, we have a golden bridge to sell you!

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Once you have retained us to be your legal counsel in a particular matter, our firm immediately goes to work for you to get the best possible result in your case. Some of the things we do in your case are listed below.


  • The firm investigates all aspects of the accident, and your damages. When possible, witness statements are taken, and reports are acquired. If necessary, experts are hired to prove the defendants was at fault. All necessary reports, records and bills are obtained to prove the nature and extent of the damages. Much of the information is gathered through the use of specialized forms sent to you, witnesses, and doctors. The information we obtain is stored in computers and in physical files. Our system allows members of our firm to be able to access your case records and history in a timely and accurate manner to aid in the prosecution of your case.

Medical Care

  • We monitor your medical treatment, and if necessary will refer you to a medical provider near you, who will treat you on a lien basis if you do not have medical insurance. Once you are finished with medical treatment, we will request that your doctor provide a narrative report that will assist us in negotiating and resolving your case.


  • The firm communicates information while handling your case through secure email, fax, correspondence, and court pleadings and forms. Documents may be sent to you, insurance companies, witnesses, doctors, employers, Courts, or other persons or companies requiring information. We use high speed computers, laser printers, and state of the art equipment to increase productivity while keeping cost to a minimum.


  • Most members of the firm are experts in all or certain aspects of processing your claim. The functions that are usually necessary to process a claim are: 1. Gathering information (investigators); 2. Negotiation (Lawyers) and, 3. Litigation (Trail Lawyers). Each member is extensively trained in the their area of expertise to obtain the best possible results for you in your case. A Legal Assistant is responsible for communications with you and solving all problems not requiring the intervention of a lawyer. Under the supervision of Mr. Fernandez, the Negotiator places a value on the claim, presents the claim to the insurance company, responds to defenses and settles the claim with your consent. Negotiations begin as soon as the you retain the firm and ends when the claim is completed.


  • The firm has trial lawyers who experts in taking cases that do not settle to trial. The trial may be a bench or jury trial, arbitration or mediation. An arbitration is similar to a trial except a retired judge or lawyer decides the case. Mediation is the process of placing the claim before an independent retired judge or lawyer who helps to resolve the case without witnesses testifying. While very few cases are actually litigated, (most cases are settled) the trial lawyers and their support staff are specially trained to prepare the case for trial, arbitration or mediation.

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Loss of Wages or Income.

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